Elluinger's Catering Menu | Entrées, Hot Sides, Fresh Salads, Sandwiches and more

Elluinger's Catering by Executive Chef David Green

We offer complete catering services, including delivery, setup and staffing, as well as canopies, tables, chairs and all your essentials! Call us today at 724-452-7878 or email us. Full printable PDF menu is available below. We offer:


Chicken Parmesan – Breaded chicken breast topped with marinara and provolone

Chicken Marsala – Seared chicken breast in light mushroom marsala sauce

Chicken Boursin – Seared chicken breast in a creamy Boursin sauce

Beef Stroganoff – Angus beef strips in rich gravy with mushrooms and sour cream

Beef Meatloaf – Savory Tomato Sauce or Rich Beef Gravy

Beef Tips – Savory Angus Beef Tips in Beef Gravy

Pork Marsala - Seared pork loin in light mushroom marsala sauce

Pork Boursin – Seared Pork loin in a creamy Boursin sauce

Pork Chop – Tender breaded chop sautéed in a light garlic olive oil

Pork Medallions – Savory Apple Glaze

Ham – Roasted ham with light sweet and savory glaze

Salmon – Seared Salmon medallion in light cream sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo – Fettuccine pasta with a light alfredo sauce
Add: Shrimp, Chicken or Salmon

Penne Rigate – Your choice of Marinara or a light alfredo
Add: Meatball, Sausage, Hot Sausage, Shrimp, Salmon or Chicken

Fresh Salads

Cole Slaw – Creamy, Tangy or Firecracker

Mac Salad – Soft noodle, Creamy dressing and fresh celery

Potato Salad – With or without egg

Italian Pasta Salad – Michelle’s not so secret recipe

Broccoli Salad – Broccoli, red onion, cheddar cheese, bacon, sweet creamy dressing

Tossed Salad – Tomato, Cucumber, Green Pepper

Caesar Salad – Traditional

Creamy Cucumber Salad – Cucumber, Onion, Creamy Dressing

Tomato Mozzarella Salad – Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella, Balsamic Dressing

Hot Sides

Roasted Red Potatoes – Garlic oil and herb roasted

Polenta – Seared Polenta in marinara, Marsala or Boursin sauce

Rice Pilaf – Steamed medium grain white rice studded with fresh carrot and onion

Haluski – Braised cabbage, onion and noodles
Add: Kielbasa, Smoked Sausage

Mac n Cheese – House made sauce, Cavatappi pasta

Green Beans – Steamed fresh beans with butter
Add: toasted almonds or caramelized onions

Grilled Veg – Fresh seasonal veg selection with balsamic reduction

Glazed Carrots – Sliced Fresh Carrots with Sweet Honey Glaze

Steamed Broccoli– Butter, Seasoning

Boxed Lunches

(15 Person Minimum)

  • Fresh Boars Head Deli Sandwich or Wrap
  • Beverage
  • Chips
  • Side Salad
  • Kosher Pickle
  • Cutlery
  • Fresh Fruit or Veggie
  • Fresh Baked Cookie
  • Napkin

Deli Platters

Meat & Cheese - Includes your choice of freshly sliced Boars Head Deli Meats.
Full selection of crisp fresh sandwich toppings Mayonnaise, Mustard, and Italian Dressing Mancini’s Sliced Bread or Rolls of your choice

Sliders - Meat, Cheese, Chicken, Tuna, and Egg Salad.

Wraps - Turkey Club, Roast Beef and Cheddar, Chicken Caesar, Veggie, Tuna,
Chicken Salad, Grilled Chicken

Snack Tray - Meat and Cheese. Crackers Included

Veggie – Fresh or Grilled
Comes with House Made Ranch, Bleu Cheese, or Balsamic Reduction

Fresh Fruit - Seasonal Fresh Cut Fruit


House - Made Zesty with Beans

Daily Seasonal Soups Available Upon Request

Mancini Bread & Rolls and House Made Cornbread Available

Backyard Smoked BBQ

Smoked Half Chicken - Rub or your choice of sauce

Smoked Pork Ribs - Meaty with just the right amount of smoke. Rub or your choice of sauce

Pulled Pork - Smoked pork shoulder with sauce

Smoked Beef Brisket - Light Rub smoked with love

Smoked Sausage - Elluinger’s signature sausage blend

BBQ Baked Beans - Smoky sweet beans

For Your Get Togethers

Broasted Chicken - Sold by the Piece

Rotisserie Chicken - Sold by the Piece

Chicken Tenders - Marinara, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Or BBQ Sauce. Sold by the Piece.

Meatballs - Marinara Or Beef Gravy
Sold by half pan or full pan

Elluinger’s Hot Or Sweet Sausage - With Peppers And Onions
Sold by half pan or full pan

Build Your Own Boars Head Sandwich


Pick Your Bread
Italian • Wheat • Marble Rye • Double Thick Sliced Mancini

Choose Up To 3 Meats
Black Forest Ham • Maple Honey Ham • Oven Roasted Turkey • Cracked Pepper Turkey • Roast Beef • Salami • Pepperoni • Capicola

Choose Your Cheese
Jalapeño • American • Cheddar • Provolone

Condiments & Toppings
Lettuce • Mayo • Tomato • Horse Radish Mayo • Peppers • Dijon Mustard • Onion • Ranch • Pickles • Italian Dressing • Banana Peppers

Make It A Combo +$5
Snyder Chips (Reg or BBQ)
20oz Pepsi Product (Pepsi • Diet Pepsi • Mountain Dew)

Available Everyday at Elluinger’s Meats & Deli
Also Available For Delivery
15 Person Minimum – Call 3 Hours in Advance

Click here to download the full PDF version of this menu